Winterim Faculty Support Guide 2017-18


Do Not Use Course Copy to Develop Courses

We strongly advise using the Archive and Import process of moving course materials from one section into another to avoid experiencing technical problems caused by Course Copy.

Support Resources

Faculty may use the tutorials and contact form on the Faculty Blackboard Support website.  Additional information to advise Winterim students is available here.

Students new to using Blackboard should review the Start Here page and Blackboard Student Orientation.  Students may use the tutorials and contact form on the Student Blackboard Support website.

Login Problems

Use the online Password Manager  to retrieve your login credentials or update an expired password.  If you can not use the Password Manager, create a ticket using the Help Desk’s online form to request assistance. The password to submit the request form is: MATC.

Resolving Common Technical Problems

  • To troubleshoot content availability settings, use Student Preview Mode to see what students see.

  • Use Blackboard’s Browser Tester to check your technology’s settings and review the Resolving Common Browser Problems page for solutions to common issues.

  • If you see a “Module Information is Unavailable” message in Blackboard, see the workaround instructions here.

  • For problems with publisher content, please contact your publisher’s technical support directly for assistance. We have compiled a list of publisher support resources here.

If you have questions, contact

Blackboard Update Coming January 2018

Blackboard Update Announcement - January 2018

Key Enhancements

We will be using the same major version of Blackboard as we do currently, updating from Blackboard 9.1 version 3200 to Blackboard 9.1 version 3300. No major changes to Blackboard’s navigation or tools will occur, but the following enhancements will be added.



Course Availability Icon

Instructors will be able to manage the availability of a course through an icon on the course’s Home module page. This tool is an addition to existing course availability management tools, such as Qwickly.

More Efficient Grade Center Management

The Grade Center’s Column Organization tool will allow you to select and delete multiple columns at once. However, assessments linked to a course menu can only be cleared using this tool. An assessment must be deleted from the course menu before its column can be deleted.

Discussion Board “Replies to Me” Filter

Discussion participants will see a “Replies to Me” counter icon when viewing a forum. This feature displays the number of replies added to a participant’s thread. The participant can view replies by clicking on the “Replies to Me” icon.

Discussion Board “Remove Sorting” Button

If the instructor has sorted forums alphabetically, a “Remove Sorting” button will appear. Clicking this button will undo the sorting and allow the instructor to click and drag forums into a desired order.

Updated Inline Grading

Crocodocs will reach the end of its life and will be replaced by a comparable preview and annotation tool called Box View by January 8th, 2018. MATC must take the update to Box View to maintain the availability of Inline Grading to our faculty and students. To learn more about this change, see our guide.

Annotations added to documents using Crocodocs prior to the Box View conversion will be preserved, but will be read-only.

Fixes to Known Issues

Tool Area

Resolved Issue


An “Access Denied” error will no longer display to guests when viewing a course’s Announcements page.

Course Menu

Changes to the order of course menu items stay in position after page is refreshed or navigation to a different page.

Course Messages

An error generating an “Unknown Sender” message in the Course Messages tool is resolved in this update.

Discussion Board

An error preventing discussion board subscription notifications from being sent to subscribers is resolved in this update.

Grade Center

The Grade Center’s email tool sends attached files with correct file extensions.

Retention Center

The Retention Center now displays risk markers aligned within table cells.

5 Reasons to Submit Final Grades through Blackboard

Successfully piloted in Summer 2017, the tool to submit midterm or final grades from Blackboard to INFOnline is available in your fall courses. All faculty are invited to use this tool for the following reasons.


Reason 1 – You asked for it, and we listened.

This feature has been long requested by faculty and it is finally here. College leadership is excited to provide you with additional tools to support your successful completion of the final grade submission process.

Reason 2 – Even if you don’t use Blackboard, you can use this tool.

Every course taught at MATC has a course shell in Blackboard that contains a final grade tool called ILP Integration. If you do not use Blackboard to provide continuous grade feedback to students, you can still use this tool to submit final grades to INFOnline through the tool’s simple form.

Reason 3 – Efficiency!

If you already use Blackboard’s Grade Center throughout the semester, you can configure a Total or Weighted Total column to calculate a final letter grade to use as a reference when submitting final grades through Blackboard. You will confirm and send these grades to INFOnline through completing the tool’s simple form.

Reason 4 – Final grades are due December 29th  by 5:00 PM CST

With such ready access to a final grade submission tool in Blackboard in addition to INFOnline, there are few reasons to miss the December 29th deadline for final grades.

Reason 5 – Support resources are available.

We have a variety of resources available to help you learn how to use this simple and efficient tool. Review our tutorial, FAQ, and training videos. Contact the TLT Department  if you have questions.

Blackboard End of the Semester Process

End of the Semester Process

At the end of each semester, it is the instructor’s responsibility to perform this process. To review how to perform this process and assign final grades through Blackboard, see these tutorials and attend a workshop this December. Faculty may earn 1 CEU hour towards FQAS by attending!

If you have questions about these processes, contact a Blackboard Faculty Liaison for one-on-one assistance during their open lab hours or by appointment. See their schedule and contact information.



FA2018 (2017) End of Semester Course Surveys

Image result for course evaluation image

Please urge your students to complete a course evaluation for your course. Students have received an email with a link to the evaluation, and they have a “Take Survey button” on the homepage of the Blackboard site for your course. The evaluations remain open until midnight on December 19th.

Thank you,
Milwaukee Area Technical College

Course Survey Instructions for Students

Blackboard News You Can Use – December 2017

Blackboard News You Can Use - For Part-Time Faculty

Welcome to Blackboard News You Can Use, your brief monthly newsletter to help you promote student success through MATC’s web-based learning environment, Blackboard Learn.  In this edition, we review a few assessment tools that you can use in your courses and how you can submit final grades through a special tool in Blackboard to INFOnline. We also provide information about a great resource that you can use to prepare materials for your face to face courses, Printing Services.

Collecting Assignments through Blackboard

The preferred method of collecting assignments from students is to create an assignment submission link in your course. Files that students submit using the assignment submission link are organized in a central location within your course’s Grade Center, making it easy for you and your students to keep track of work that has been turned in! Once a student submits an assignment, you can view and annotate the student’s file through an inline grading tool. Grades and feedback then become available to students through Blackboard’s My Grades tool.

Creating Graded Collaborative Activities

A variety of communication and collaboration tools in Blackboard can be configured as gradable activities. When you create a discussion forum, wiki, blog, or journal, you can assign a point value, rubric, and participation requirements. Once a student contributes a certain number of posts to the activity, you may grade their participation through tools in the course’s Grade Center.

Submitting Final Grades through Blackboard

Faculty may now submit final grades using a tool located within their course shells in Blackboard. You may use this tool even if you have never used Blackboard. Submitting final grades is as simple as completing a form and clicking a button. To learn more see our tutorial, video demonstration, and FAQ.

Printing Services

Did you know that you can send your classroom handouts e.g., syllabi to Print Services? Print requests from instructors can be sent to Print Services through interoffice mail, dropped off in person Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., placed in the drop box after hours or sent via email at, 24 hours a day/7days a week. Print Services is located at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus in Room M141 and will provide print services for the Mequon, Oak Creek, West Allis and Downtown Campuses. Contact Print Services at 414-297-6878.

Do you have questions about these tools or how to implement them to support your teaching practice? Connect with a Faculty Support Liaison for one-on-one assistance.

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