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The Teaching and Learning Community (TLC) website is designed to quickly and easily give MATC faculty and those who work with students the information and resources that you need to do your best work. TLC is a collaboration among several faculty support offices: Curriculum, ER&D, Professional Development, and Teaching and Learning Technology.


In an effort to advance student learning, our collective mission is to strengthen teaching and learning at MATC by providing opportunities and support for faculty to achieve excellence, by promoting collaboration, and by encouraging instructional innovation.

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6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi, Mike-

    I asked the PD department if the full summer schedule will be sent to faculty. In the meantime, you can search InfOnline for ZERD, ZPROF, ZWELL and ZCERT courses. I just sent an email to faculty with the Blackboard and Google Apps courses, so please look for that in your gmail.


  2. Hi–Can you tell me when the summer Prof. Dev. courses will be posted? I’d like to sign up for some. Thanks,

    • Hi Mike,

      The email was sent out on May 12th at 2:21 PM by Lynette Harvey. The subject line reads “Summer 2016 Professional Development Schedule.” I will forward the email to you.

  3. Is there a way to search all of the Advisory Board Membership lists to determine if Quad Graphics is on any of them, and the contact information for the member if they are, without having to open and look at each individual program list?

    • Hello Jenny,

      You can contact Lucila Rodriguez. She maintains the Advisory Committee/Board Membership List. She should be able to answer your questions. I will email you her contact information.

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