About Megan Hamilton

In my current role as an Educational Assistant in web enhanced learning, I provide high-level support to faculty in the use of Blackboard and other web-based software to enhance teaching and learning. I have served as one of MATC's Blackboard Administrators for 6 years and have 10 years of experience in web development/visual communications.

Blackboard Clean-up: Archive Your Fall 2015 Courses Before January 6th


Please download an archive and Grade Center file from each fall 2015 course you taught before they are permanently deleted from Blackboard on Friday January 6th at 8:00 AM (Central).

Remember, courses that were offered in the fall of 2015 will have Blackboard IDs that begin with FA2016.

Best Practices for Saving Courses

If you do not have a “master copy” of your course permanently stored on the Blackboard system,  please complete the Personal Master request form and import your archived course file into it for future use and revision.


Due to changes in username formats, hosting servers, and service packs, requests for old course archives may be time-consuming and restorations may be unsuccessful. Downloading an archive of your course and grade data NOW ensures that you will have easy access to them LATER!

INFOnline/COSMO Maintenance Outage Planned for Sunday November 6th

Per the IT department, INFOnline/COSMO will be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled system maintenance on Sunday November 6th, 2016 from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Central).

During this time, the MATC Portal and INFOnline will not be available to faculty or students.

  • To access Blackboard, go to Blackboard.matc.edu directly to log in using your MATC network account.
  • To access your MATC Gmail, go to https://mail.google.com/  to log in using your full MATC email address and MATC network password.

Maintenance is Coming

Upcoming November Workshop: Google Apps Online Orientation

Google  Apps Workshop Notice

In this one-hour online training session, faculty and staff will be oriented to the online Google Apps workshop to review using Google Gmail and Google Calendar.

Seating is limited – - complete the Registration Form to reserve your seat by November 3rd! Select one (1) session:

  • November 10th, 2016 11:00 am – 12:00 Noon
  • November 17th, 2016 11:00 am – 12:00 Noon

If you have questions about the workshop, contact:

Mernathan Sykes


Blackboard Support Guide Fall 2016

Blackboard Support - Banner

Blackboard is MATC’s web-based learning environment.  Although Blackboard is used in online courses as the primary means of course delivery, all faculty are required to post a course syllabus to all courses in Blackboard and make their courses are available to students.  For face-to-face and blended courses, faculty are encouraged to support student success by posting course announcements, grade feedback, and supplemental materials in their courses in Blackboard.

Getting Started Information 

Faculty Training Courses

To learn to use the Blackboard online learning environment, faculty should complete our three (3) Blackboard professional development courses. Please see our fall schedule of training courses for more information.

Instructional Support

For one-on-one help with getting started, reviewing how to use Blackboard, or other instructional technologies, see an instructional support faculty liaison during their open lab hours.See their schedule for availability.

For short Blackboard questions that can be answered in 15 minutes or less, visit a Blackboard Faculty Support team member in the Milwaukee Campus’s Faculty Innovation Center during their Quick Help Hours:

Kameal Love
Hours: 9-10 AM; 2-3 PM
Ed. Assistant – ER&D; Bb Admin
lovek2@matc.edu  ext. 78937
Megan Hamilton
Hours: 10-11 AM; 3-4 PM
Ed. Assistant – Distance Learning; Bb Admin
hamiltml@matc.edu ext. 78372

Student Support

Reminder – Blackboard Migration & Upgrade Happening May 25th through May 29th

Blackboard Migration Coming Soon!

In order to maintain a high level of continuous service, MATC-Distance Learning in conjunction with the Information Technology Department, have decided to migrate the entire Blackboard learning management system to a hosted solution with Blackboard.

The migration will take place beginning May 25th and continue through May 29th.  This means that no one will have access to Blackboard during this time.  All students and faculty will need to logoff Blackboard by 11:59 pm on May 24th.  We anticipate the LMS being available on Monday May 30th, however we will be conducting testing during the week of May 30th.

When Blackboard comes back on-line, we will be at a newer version however there is minimal front-end change impacting students and faculty.  The Distance Learning team is working on reviewing any changes that will effect faculty and/or students and will communicate those changes to the groups prior to the migration.

For additional information about the upgrade, please see our Upgrade FAQs Spreadsheet.

Thank you for your patience as we continuously strive to provide quality educational technology products.

- ​Distance Learning and Information Technology​

End of Semester Tasks – Online Teaching Best Practices

End of Semester Tasks

At the end of each semester, instructors teaching within Blackboard must perform a series of tasks called the End of the Semester Process. This process is helpful for preserving a record of an instructor’s course content, Grade Center, and student work in an Archive file.

PLEASE NOTE! It is the instructor’s responsibility to perform the Archive process and download steps in each course they have taught so that content and grade information can be accessed at a later date!

Register for the Google Apps for Online Teaching Class this Summer!

In this free 1-credit course for faculty and staff, you will learn techniques and strategies to develop a collaborative online environment for sharing course materials and for communicating online through interactivity and encouraging student engagement. Google Apps includes Gmail (webmail services), Google Calendar (shared calendaring), Google Docs (online document, spreadsheet, presentation, and interactive sharing), Google Video (secure and private video sharing),Google Sites (online website creation with videos, images, gadgets and documents integration) and Google Hangouts (for student group-work and faculty interaction).

COMPSW-184-400 Google Apps for Online Teaching    
Fri. June 10th & 17th, 9 AM–3 PM, and online, Room M458                                   Instructor: Mernathan Sykes

You may register for this classes online at INFOnline.  Please see our quick-guide How to Register for classes Online or watch our tutorial video learn how this is done.

Summer 2016 Blackboard and Google Apps Training Courses

Summer Professional Development Courses - Blackboard & Google Apps

Faculty who are looking for training in the use of Blackboard or Google Apps in their teaching are encouraged to enroll in our 1 credit, free professional development courses this summer. All courses will be held on the Milwaukee Campus.

COMPSW-197-201  Introduction to Blackboard 9.x  
**See Spring Semester in INFOnline for this section**
Mon. May 23rd  &  Tues. May 24th and online, 9 AM  – 3 PM, Room M458
Instructor:  Del Wakley

COMPSW-198-400   Intermediate Blackboard 9.x
Tues. June 7th & 14th,  9AM – 12 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Stephanie McKennie

COMPSW-184-400 Google Apps for Online Teaching    
Fri. June 10th & 17th, 9 AM–3 PM, and online, Room M458                                   Instructor: Mernathan Sykes

COMPSW-199-400 Advanced Blackboard 9.x 
Thurs. June 21th & 28th,  9 AM–12 PM and online, Room M458
Instructor: Stephanie McKennie

COMPSW-197-700 Introduction to Blackboard 9.x
Tues. August 9th & Thurs. August 11th 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM and online,  Room M458
Instructor:  Doni Bartley

You may register for these classes online at INFOnline.  Please see our quick-guide How to Register for classes Online or watch our tutorial video learn how this is done.

Upcoming Blackboard & Google Apps Workshops for May


All faculty are invited to attend any of the following workshops at the Milwaukee Campus’s Faculty Innovation Center to learn how to use Blackboard and Google Apps tools to make instruction more efficient and student learning experiences more effective.

Blackboard End of Semester Process

At the end of this one hour session, participants will be able to download course grades, make their courses unavailable to students, and archive their semester courses. Participants will be introduced to using Personal Masters to store a master copy of a course on Blackboard for reuse and revision.

Date & Time Location Leader
Mon. May 16th, 11AM-12PM Mequon Campus, Room A280 Stephanie McKennie
Thurs. May 19th, 1PM-2PM Oak Creek Campus, Room B165 Doni Bartley

Blackboard Grade Center – Ask the Trainer

In this one hour workshop, faculty may ask questions and get assistance regarding working in their Blackboard course Grade Centers. Bring your questions and get help with what you need to get your grading done. Remember – final grades are due in INFOnline on May 23rd by 5:00 PM.

Date & Time Location Leader
Mon. May 16th, 11AM-12PM Milwaukee Campus, Room M201A Pablo Muirhead

Blackboard Grade Center - Ask the Trainer

COSMO/INFOnline Maintenance Coming Saturday April 30th

Per the IT department, COSMO/INFOnline will be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance on Saturday April 30th from 11:00 PM to Sunday May 1st, 10:00 AM (CDT).

Please Note! - During this time, the course links module found in the MATC Portal may be unavailable. This is because the course links module is created through INFOnline/COSMO processes. Blackboard itself will be available for access.

  • Faculty and students are advised to log into Blackboard.matc.edu directly to access courses during the outage.
  • If you have trouble logging in directly, please use the online password manager to resolve the login issue.


Blackboard Webinar Recording: Why Can They Print? A Conversation About Online Testing

Faculty concerned about cheating in online testing are encouraged to view the recording and PowerPoint presentation of this excellent discussion by Blackboard BITS presenters Corrie Bergeron and Kevin Lowey. In this one hour webinar, you will review why anti-cheating technologies are ineffective, test design best practices, and pedagogical strategies to discourage cheating.