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In my current role as an Educational Assistant in web enhanced learning, I provide high-level support to faculty in the use of Blackboard and other web-based software to enhance teaching and learning. I have served as one of MATC's Blackboard Administrators for 6 years and have 10 years of experience in web development/visual communications.

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Blackboard News You Can Use – March 2018


March 2018

Welcome back to Blackboard News You Can Use, your brief monthly newsletter to help you promote student success through MATC’s web-based learning environment, Blackboard Learn. In this edition, we review resources to help you adopt Career Essentials Assessment in Blackboard.

What is Career Essentials Assessment?

The Higher Learning Commission requires that faculty assess student attainment of the college’s Career Essential core abilities. Every program student at MATC needs this soft skills evaluation through a process facilitated through Blackboard. Each program course that faculty teach must include a minimum of one (1) Career Essential related to skill proficiency within the course.

To learn more about the role of Career Essentials in curriculum and its associated rubrics, see the MATC Portal’s WIDS Career Essentials page. For questions about Career Essentials, contact the Curriculum Department at curriculum@matc.edu

How Do I Get Started?

Faculty assess student attainment of a Career Essential competency within a course in Blackboard through a three (3) step process. To learn how to perform this process, review the videos and linked tutorials below, or complete the Career Essentials training in SumTotal to earn 5 hours of FQAS credit.


Do at Course Start

Do Towards Course End

Do At Course End

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Perform this Process?

Faculty perform Step One: Alignment when developing a courses materials, such as at the start of a course. Towards, the end of the course, faculty perform Step Two: Assessment. This ensures that only the student’s most mature work is assessed to determine the mastery of the Career Essential.

How Often Do I Perform this Process?

Faculty perform one (1) course-level Career Essentials assessment in each course that they teach.

What Do I Do If I Have Existing Final Assessments in My Course?

In courses where you already assess student mastery of competencies based on content knowledge, you may create a parallel assignment to assess a student’s behavioral demonstration of Career Essential competencies. See this guide for more information.

How Do Students See Their Results?

After you have assigned grades on an assignment aligned to a Career Essentials goal, students may view their results through the course’s Goal Performance tool. Students may also monitor their results across courses through the Goal Performance Dashboard that is available in Blackboard’s global navigation.

Where Can I Learn More about Using Blackboard?

See the Blackboard Faculty Support Guide.

A Friendly Reminder About Printing Services

Did you know that you can send your classroom handouts e.g., syllabi to Print Services? Print requests from instructors can be sent to print services through interoffice mail, dropped off in person Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., placed in the drop box after hours or sent via email at printservices@matc.edu, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Print Services is located at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus in Room M141 and provide print services for the Mequon, Oak Creek, West Allis and Downtown Campuses. Contact Print Services at 414-297-6878.

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