Curriculum Deadlines

For inclusion into the catalog and web site:

Due by September 30: New Programs
• All approvals through step four (Program Proposal), including notification of WTCS Board approval, must be received by the Curriculum Office for inclusion in the printed catalog.

o WTCS Board meets odd numbered months (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, and Nov.)
o Program proposals must be submitted to WTCS approximately 60 days before WTCS Board meetings.

Due by Oct. 15: Major Modifications and Advanced Technical Certificates
• Major Modifications WTCS approvals must be received by November 30 to be entered into the catalog
• Advanced Technical Certificates WTCS approvals must be received by November 30 for inclusion in the printed catalog

Due by December 15: Program/Course Descriptions
• Course Descriptions
• Pre-requisites
• Co-requisites
• Program Overview, Career Outlook, Program Learning Outcomes, Preparation for Admissions, and Future Opportunities.

Web site only, catalog updated for the following year
Existing Programs:
• No changes accepted to curriculum after applications are being accepted for the upcoming academic year (+/- April 1)
o No adding courses to programs
o No removing courses from programs
o No changes to existing courses that affect credit values
• Will only accept changes for:
o Course title change.
o Course allocation of contact hours not affecting credit values

ALL ACCEPTABLE course changes MUST be made before registration starts.

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