Curriculum Manual


Date Revised

Overview and Introduction 6/5/17
Advisory Committee – Structure 1/4/18
Advisory Committee Role Based Training – Associate Dean 6/5/14
Adv Comms- Role-Based Training-Counselors 6/5/14
Advisory Committee Role Based Training - IC’s/Coordinators/Support Staff 10/1/16
MATC-Academic Procedures 6/5/14
Courses- Elements and Definitions 6/5/14
Courses-Initiate and Change 6/5/14
Course Outcome Summary Guidelines 9/25/15
Programs-Developing New 6/5/14
Programs- Elements Definitions and Structure 6/5/14
Programs-Modifying Requirements 6/5/14
Resource-Department List-Alpha 6/5/14
Resource-Department List-Numeric 6/5/14
Resource-List of Active Programs 6/5/14
Roles and Responsibilities 6/5/14
Textbook Adoption-Online Guide 6/5/14
WIDS Training and Support 6/5/14
Document Title Here 6/5/14
Document Title Here 6/5/14


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