Technical Skills Attainment

The Technical Skills Attainment (TSA) project is a major system-wide initiative required by the federal government under Carl Perkins IV legislation.¬† The System Office’s role is to implement and manage this requirement for the over 349 programs impacted. The project started in FY2008.

WTCS programs will assess the attainment of program outcomes to ensure graduates have the technical skills needed by employers. The assessments are approved by the System Office and implemented by districts. They will be linked to industry standards and meet state criteria including validity, reliability, and fairness.

TSA Resources

  • District Resources are available¬†here.
  • How to use the WTCS Repository Video here.
  • TSA Document Samples from the WIDS Repository
    • Click on the link here. Search for the program title or number. Open the program and select the Documents tab and the Project Management Documents screen. Help finding TSA Documents.

Technical Skills Attainment Process