Textbook Process

The deadlines for Textbooks this Summer and Fall 2016 semesters are as follows:

  • March 2nd     Textbook update forms for the Summer and Fall semesters are due to                        the Curriculum Department.
  • March 9th      The On-line textbook adoption system will be available for adopting                              books for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016.
  • March 27th    The On-line textbook adoption system will be closed.

The textbooks for each course taught in the district have been formally adopted

by MATC, and you must include these textbooks in your course syllabus.

The textbooks are available in the Bookstores; your supervisor will estimate the
orders for your class each semester. If you want to change a textbook, an action
that requires departmental approval, see your supervisor. (Procedure EE0103)

It is recommended that you have a desk copy of all textbooks for the courses
that you are teaching and other related courses that pertain to your area of
instruction. You can find the titles of these books in the dean’s office. Desk
copies can be obtained from the publisher.