Digital Badges


MATC has partnered with Credly’s Acclaim to award digital badges to current and historical learners who have completed designated, industry-driven coursework.

Digital badging is a way to keep students motivated in their coursework while obtaining industry-valued skills that they can proudly and quickly display on their social media and virtual resumes, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to name a few.

What digital badges are:

  1.  Digital badges are a verifiable digital representation that documents an   individual’s demonstrated skills, competencies, and certifications
  2.  Digital badges are comprised of detailed content describing how the earner   achieved the badge
  3.  Digital badges are tethered to the issuing organization to validate and verify the   achievement
  4.  Digital badges must have a minimum of one tangible competency with   measurable outcomes
  5.  A Digital badge must be valuable to the industry/community partner it serves

Here are some of the badges MATC currently offers. If your department is interested in creating a digital badge please complete the Digital Badge Inquiry form.

If you are still unsure what a digital badge is and want more information, please contact Michele Schimke at