ER&D’s Summer Schedule 2018-2019

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ZERD 011: Preparation for Online Teaching
Dates: 6/10 – 7/29/2018
Facilitator: Toshiba Adams
Format: Online

Prerequisite: COMPSW-197 Introduction to Blackboard

ZERD-011 is required for any faculty interested in teaching online classes.

This course is open for faculty needing Recertification credits or FQAS hours.This course will provide participants with an introduction to designing and delivering an online course. The course will provide a theoretical framework for course design and delivery; demonstrate the importance of engaging students’ interactive experience; emphasize the importance of building an online learning community; promote strategies for integrating educational technologies into online teaching; review best practices related to course design; and model approaches for incorporating a variety of online assessments. After completing this course, participants will be able to understand the pedagogical concepts, trends and mechanics of online course design and delivery; recognize the types of learning tools and resources available in an online environment; conduct a self and peer assessment of an online course design; and apply the principles learned in this course to begin designing or enhancing an online course. Blackboard will be utilized as the content management system. Online hours are incorporated for completion of assignments and the final project.

(2 crs/80 FQAS hrs)

ZERD 104: Institutional Data & Evaluation
Available on May 6, 2018
Facilitator: Meredith Reeves
Format: Online Workshop


WTCS has determined that ALL part-time and full-time faculty successfully complete an online workshop ZERD-104.  You will register for the workshop in INFOnline.

Institutional Data and Evaluation Workshop provides a unique opportunity designed to provide a captivating look into important MATC data as well as satisfy the requirements for the new Data and Evidence Analysis competency for the WTCS Instructor Credentialing.

Please complete this workshop no later than December 9, 2018.

ZERD 200: Online Teaching Methods
5/27- 6/17/2018
Facilitator: Stephanie McKinney
Format: Online

This course will explore teaching methods and best practices for online course delivery. Students will build on the theoretical framework from ZERD 011 and will continue to refine their online course.  Strategies to deal with challenging student situations in the online environment will be explored.

(1 cr/40 FQAS hrs)

ZERD 202: Teaching & Learning w/ Technology
5/27- 6/17/2018
Facilitator: Mernathan Sykes
Format: Online

This course will explore a variety of technology tools to enhance teaching and learning. This course explores the use of various academic technologies for the online, blended, hybrid and face-to-face learning environments. Technology tools for instruction will be applied to developing course curriculum.

(1 cr/40 FQAS hrs)

ZERD 203: Teaching Direct from High School
5/27- 6/17/2018
Facilitator: Kameal Love
Format: Online

This course will focus on new teaching methodologies to address the characteristics of the direct-from-high-school students, including generational differences in learning styles, socioeconomic and ethnic differences and the impacts of achievement gaps for the MATC student. Creating a culture of success, teachers will develop learning activities including the use of social media, varied technology, and improving the study skills for students.

(1 cr/40 FQAS hrs)

ZERD 204: Teaching Career Essentials
5/27- 6/17/2018
Facilitator: Lori Kornblum
Format: Online

This course teaches instructors how to integrate Career Essentials into their classrooms to prepare students for the workplace.  Instructors will develop authentic assessments to meet at least one Career Essential.

(1 cr/40 FQAS hrs)

ZERD 205: Engagement & Technology
5/27- 6/17/2018
Facilitator: Amarilis Martinez
Format: Online

This course is designed to help faculty learn and apply effective student engagement strategies.  In this course, faculty will learn about active learning, leading dynamic discussions, and be introduced to teaching techniques that use technology in the classroom, in an online course, and in a flipped classroom.  Instructors will revise their current curriculum to incorporate new engagements strategies.

(1 cr/40 FQAS hrs)

 For more information, please contact:

Dr. Meredith Reeves ER&D Curriculum Coordinator

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