Faculty FAQ

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Academic Calendar

Syllabus Templates

All course sections in Blackboard must have a digital syllabus document available to students. Templates for face-to-face and online course syllabi are available for you to download and customize with your information. To add a syllabus to a course section in Blackboard, see these instructions.

Sabbatical Leave

Instructor Initiated Withdrawal Form

Grade Appeal Procedure

Other FAQ

How Well Do you Know Us? MATC Acronyms

What are SOA, COS, QRP and TSA?  (http://tlc.matc.edu/index.php/curriculum/curriculum-process/)

What are HLC and AQIP?  (http://www.matc.edu/administration/aqip.cfm)

What academic and other support services are available for students?  (http://www.matc.edu/student_services/index.cfm)

What library resources are available for students and faculty?  (http://book.matc.edu/screens/services.html)


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