FQAS Compliant Faculty


FQAS Complaint: Faculty Presentation

Faculty who are FQAS compliant, who have completed their original certification requirements of the ZCERT courses, will participate in FQAS in these ways: professional development, mentoring, and evaluation.


Faculty Development Program for FQAS Compliant Teachers

Each renewal certification cycle in FQAS will be four years. Faculty will need to earn 150 hours in four years. A course for one credit equals 40 hours. Faculty whose certification expired in 2015 or expires in 2016 will complete renewal under the new FQAS guidelines. Those faculty whose certification expires in 2017, 2018, or 2019 will complete the old certification requirements. The old system requires six credits, or 240 hours, in any activity outlined in the Professional Growth Application (PGA).

FQAS requires that faculty work toward remaining current in their fields in each renewal cycle.  Department and program faculty will define currency and identify currency activities for themselves. Faculty will need to earn 50 hours in currency each renewal cycle.

If you hold certifications in more than one teaching area, you may want to remain

certified image

eligible to teach in multiple areas. In order to remain eligible to teach in each area, you must meet MATC’s currency requirements for certified faculty for each of those areas every Renewal cycle. So, even if you are not currently teaching in one of your certified areas but may choose to in the future, maintain currency to remain eligible for an assignment.

FQAS also requires that faculty address teaching excellence and student success in each renewal cycle. As a result, MATC faculty will earn 80 hours in a combination of student success and teaching excellence in each renewal cycle. In addition, each faculty member will have 20 hours of free choice in each renewal cycle. Associate Deans and individual faculty members will work together to label activities as either currency, teaching excellence, student success, or others.  See the linked FQAS Renewal Activities document for suggestions of activities that address teaching excellence and student success.

FQAS Renewal Activities



If you have not taught online in the past and choose to teach online, you will be paired with an experienced online teacher who will mentor you through your first semester of online teaching. Prior to your first assignment teaching online you need to complete the course Preparation for Online Teaching (ZERD 011).

 In addition, you have the opportunity to serve as an informal mentor for new teachers in your department or program. This is an incredibly valuable way to help new faculty. Contact your department or program chair and Associate Dean if you are interested.


The college takes a developmental approach to the evaluation of faculty. The goal of all measures of effectiveness is to provide faculty with feedback that will lead to growth and development of his or her teaching practice.

Full-time non-probationary faculty are coached through Peer Coaching. Non-probationary part-time faculty are coaching following the part-time faculty coaching system. Contact your Associate Dean for details.

In addition, every semester your students will receive a standardized course evaluation of your courses to complete. Students receive these surveys through their MATC Gmail, and there is a link to the survey in Blackboard for each course. Encourage your students to complete the surveys. This is one important way that we let students know their voices are valued.


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