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start herePlease read this entire FQAS overview before going to the section that addresses you specifically. The vocabulary section at the end of this page will help you know which section to look at.

 The Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) is state of Wisconsin legislation that addresses many aspects of the faculty experience in the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS): recruitment, credentialing, onboarding, professional development, mentoring, and evaluation. FQAS allows each of the Wisconsin technical colleges to develop its own processes, procedures, and programs to deliver these outcomes of FQAS.  In the past, the state-mandated system only addressed the development of new faculty in the ZCERT certification courses, a.k.a. The Magnificent Seven. FQAS, however, looks at the whole career of the faculty member.

What’s New in FQAS?Fqas onboarding image

  • Onboarding. All new faculty participates in a year-long onboarding experience. Participants complete checklists of activities in NeoGov and meet periodically with their supervisors to give each new faculty member a comprehensive acclimation to working at MATC.

  • The Faculty Development Program for New Teachers. The ZCERT courses for new faculty are being phased out by spring of 2018. Faculty who have completed three or more can complete the old program.

New faculty and those who completed 0-2 of the ZCERT courses will complete the Faculty Development Program for New Teachers. These courses are ZERD 100-103. Participants should complete the courses in sequence. The courses address competencies given to the technical colleges by the state through FQAS. These competencies are Assessment, Behavioral Management, Course Design, Data and Evidence Analysis, Embracing Diversity, Student Success, and Teaching Methods and Technology. MATC’s Faculty Development Program for New Teachers, ZERD 100-104,  combine learning objectives from these competencies into a developmental sequence of courses that takes participants from beginning to advanced competence. In this way, participants get content from each competency in each year of the Faculty Development Program for New Teachers.

The courses are delivered in blended and online formats so that participants can develop relationships and network in the face-to-face portions yet have the convenience of online delivery. In-person support will be provided during the online courses for those who want it.

New full-time faculty has three years to complete the five Faculty Development Program for New Teachers courses. Part-time faculty has five years to complete the program.

  • Who is included in FQAS? FQAS applies only to faculty teaching credit-bearing courses. The state no longer requires development for those teaching non-credit bearing courses, counselors, or academic administrators. MATC is developing its own development program for academic administrators.

  • Data and Evidence Analysis. Because this competency was not addressed in the ZCERT courses that certified faculty completed, all faculty will be required to complete activities related to data and evidence analysis.

  • Evaluation. FQAS requires that each technical college system has a faculty evaluation system in place.


  • Provisional. Faculty who are in the process of completing the Faculty Development Program for New Teachers are considered provisional.

  • Certified. Faculty who have completed the ZCERT program or who complete the Faculty Development Program for New Teachers will be considered certified.

  • Faculty Orientation. Faculty Orientation is a face-to-face event held every August and January. The August orientation lasts two days and the January orientation is half a day. All new faculty are encouraged to attend.

  • Onboarding. All new employees at MATC, including faculty, participate in a year-long onboarding experience delivered through NeoGov.

The Certification & Credentialing Office

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