Course Evaluation

Below is copy of the course evaluation that is implemented in all MATC courses except some Basic Skills and ESL courses. There is also an FAQ related to course evaluations attached below.
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How do I view my results from the Course Evaluation in Blackboard?
How do I save my course evaluation report as a PDF file?


Frequently Asked Questions

6 thoughts on “Course Evaluation

    • Hi, Patricia-

      There is a sample evaluation posted above your comment, and the FAQ includes a lot of information about how the evaluation will be deployed. Please look those over and let me know if you have more question.


  1. Thank you. I am pleased that the first first questions evaluate the student’s assessment of himself/herself. In the hard sciences (meaning, those w/ a wet lab), we seem to have students who believe they are studying/keeping up with material. When pressed, many of them will admit that they don’t read the material, don’t come prepared, haven’t done the homework, etc. Finding a way to ensure that the student understands his/her role in his/her own success is very welcome!

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