Occupational and Academic Currency Program (OACP)

This is a work experience opportunity for Summer 2015 for Faculty and Counselors.

OACP is a six-week program.   The occupational experience should provide the opportunity to update and increase the skills and knowledge necessary for your position.

The program provides three-to-five weeks of work experience; one-to-two weeks are allocated for you to develop a required curriculum project related to the work experience and your program.  The curriculum project is a tangible product, for example an outline, materials, or another type of instructional tool, which will enhance classroom instruction and assessment.

A combination of work experience and the selected curriculum activity cannot exceed six (6) weeks and must be completed before August 1.


  • Full-time faculty and counselors have priority (Part-time Faculty can still apply)

  • Faculty teaching summer school are not eligible

  • Maximum of 6 paid weeks per participant award

    • 3 – 5 weeks of work experience

    • 1 – 2  weeks of curriculum project development

  • Faculty and Counselors will be compensated at Class 0, Step 0 (please refer to your contract for more information regarding this).

The link to the electronic OACP application is below.  Fill all of the required fields, including the potential employer and a description of the curriculum project. Hand written applications will not be accepted. Incomplete or late applications may not be considered.

By filling in your supervisor’s electronic signature on the form, you are indicating that you have spoken with your supervisor and have obtained approval.

Applications will be reviewed by the OACP Committee to recommend the participants for the 2015 Program.   Priority will be given to first-time participants and those who have not participated in this program within the past five-year period.

Program Timeline

February 20, 2015 4pm CST Application Deadline – DEADLINE EXTENDED 1 WEEK

March 6, 2015 Participants Selected

March 20, 2015 Participants Confirm Employers

May 18, 2015 Orientation Program (this date subject to change based on selected participants schedules)

May 27, 2015 Program begins

August 3, 2015 Projects and Evaluations Due


Electronic Application Form:



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