Staff Professional Development

The aim of our professional development programs is to provide course and seminar opportunities for MATC employees for their skill development, professional development, and personal growth. By investing in the development of our employees, we advocate the philosophy of lifelong learning, and we are committed to providing educational courses to all our employees.

Tuition Reimbursement is now handled by Human Resources.

Please contact that department for further information regarding forms and processes.

2 thoughts on “Staff Professional Development

  1. I am trying to sign up for Google Apps: COMPSW-184 with Mernathan Sykes from February 26 to March 18, Fridays from 9-12 in room 458. Info on Line is not cooperating. If I don’t hear from you, I will be there on February 26 at 9:00. Thanks.

    • If you are having trouble enrolling, you can go to the Welcome Center or Faculty Innovation Center on the campus closest to you for in person assistance. Please don’t just show up as there may not be room for you.

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