Probationary Faculty

Faculty who have completed some of the ZCERT certification courses will be Mini-formation-imagetransitioning into FQAS depending on how many ZCERT courses you have taken.  To remind yourself how many of these courses you have completed, log into INFOnline and go into the Employee section. Then, select Certification Summary.

  • Faculty who have completed zero to two of the ZCERT courses are advised to transition into the Faculty Development Program for New Teachers, courses ZERD 100-103.  If you have completed Peer Support (previously ZERD 027), you will not take ZERD 100, which is based on Peer Support. Instead, take COMPSW 197 Introduction to Bb, if you have not. COMPSW 197 is now built into ZERD 100. If you have taken both Peer Support and COMPSW 197, you will join the Faculty Development Program for New Teachers with ZERD 101, offered this summer and/or fall.
  • Those of you have completed three or more ZCERT courses are encouraged to complete the remaining courses. MATC will continue to offer them through the spring semester of 2018.

post probationary period

 Click here to view pages 5 and 6 of the Faculty Development Guide

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