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ZERD 106-200:  Integrate Reading Strategies


Milwaukee Campus  

Instructor:  Dr. Meredith Kay Reeves

This course provides instructors with strategies and best practices to enhance students’ study skills and expand students’ reading skills including comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary skills.  Instructors will revise their current curriculum to facilitate students’ application of reading skills to academic tasks as they read to acquire and retain content-based information.

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ER&D’s 25th Anniversary

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Educational Research and Dissemination (ER&D) celebrates its 25th anniversary at MATC this year. The current ER&D team of Toshiba Adams, Michelle Felix, Patricia McFarland, and Kameal Love are proud to continue a tradition of success with faculty helping faculty through courses, workshops, shared resources, committee participation and consultations.

The ER&D model is based on current and credible research in teaching and learning. Patricia McFarland is one of the founding members of ER&D and has been actively involved in a variety of positions. She explains that in 1990, Local 212 was not involved in any professional development. Local President Ernie Schnook heard about the national American Federation of Teachers’ faculty development program and asked Local 212’s Executive Board if anyone was interested in research on teaching.

From those who were interested, including McFarland, MATC developed its local ER&D program. Emma Palmer, a now-retired faculty member, led the efforts to develop two of the national ER&D’s courses for implementation at MATC: Foundations I and II.


By about 1995, ER&D was adding new courses based on needs and current research on teaching and learning. When MATC created the Faculty Innovation Center on the Downtown Milwaukee Campus in Room M201, and ER&D moved there from its small space in Foundation Hall, the college established a central location for ER&D and its services to the faculty.

Come on out and celebrate 25 years of ER&D!

Date & Time Location HOst
Weds. April 20th, 1:30 PM Milwaukee Campus, 6th Street Cafe ER&D