BITS Webinar Follow-Up: Wikis, Blogs, Discussion Board and Journals

This is a quick list of how members of the webinar chat are using each tool discussed:

  • “My students often create personal pages within Wikis. I use the first assignment as a template for students to introduce themselves to the class…And, I set guidelines for participation which is very helpful.”
  • “I’ve used a Blog to have students state a recommendation based on the research they’ve done on a topic related to education curriculum.”
  • “We use journals for an internship supplement course where students post about their internship experience and the instructor guides them through that experience.”
  • “Use discussions to compare and contrast readings assigned for the module.”

Here is the link to the Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series webinar, Wikis, Blogs, Forums and Journals.

Here is the link to the Blackboard recording.




You’re Invited!

Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series:

Student Engagement Tools- Blogs, Wikis, Discussion Boards and Journals

When: Wednesday, June 18th 12:00 pm CST
Where: M201A Downtown Campus
Track: Collaboration and Assessing Learners
Presenter: Keely McDonough, Blackboard


Blackboard Learn offers four communication tools for self-reflection, collaboration and communication. In this session Blackboard will discuss each tool and share examples.
When members of an online community direct their efforts toward a common goal, powerful connections are made. Learners can achieve more through in-depth conversations, relationship building, and problem solving in a community. Without a goal, connections, and conversations, there is no community.