ECHO 360 WEBINAR: Intervention! Identify At-Risk Students with Predictive Data



WEBINAR:  Intervention! Identify At-Risk Students with Predictive Data
Canvas Data and Echo360 provide insights into learning so rich Ferris Bueller would have never taken a day off.

Wednesday, January 20th at 11 AM Mountain Standard Time (US)

What if you could prevent your at-risk students from failing or dropping your course? Or take your most engaged and successful students and replicate their success among your other students?

Join Instructor and Echo360 to learn how integrated data sets enrich the teaching and learning process. Instructure provides the leading cloud-based learning management system focused on course-based activities such as content distribution, assessments, and grading. Echo360 has a unique focus on learning in individual classes within the course, combining student engagement, lecture capture, and behavioral analytics. Our newly formed partnership creates unlimited possibilities:

  • Understanding if your students are mastering complex topics
  • Predicting which students will succeed based on their engagement, attendance, study habits and performance
  • Correlating student success with the types of learners in your course

Discover how combined data associated with learning activities create correlations to deliver insights that are not available from any other system or combination of systems.

Register today to learn more about the new collaboration and how it will forever empower you to create stronger learners.

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Echo 360 Active Learning Event: It’s all in the Secret Sauce

The Echo 360 Active Learning Platform is the first cloud-based academic technology platform engineered to elevate student performance in the classroom and improve learning outcomes.

Come learn how Echo360’s secret sauce helps instructors teach more effectively with real-time analytics on student behaviors, improved engagement through active learning to make teaching more joyful as well as increased study habits, comprehension, and overall scores for your students

Date:  Tuesday October 20th, 2015
Time:  11 AM – 12 PM & 1 PM – 2 PM
Location: Milwaukee Campus, Main building room M612

Refreshments will be provided.

Echo 360 Workshop Coming September 22nd

Echo 360 Workshop Flyer

MATC has begun a 1 year pilot of the Echo 360 Active Learning Platform, a tool for making instruction more efficient and student learning experiences more effective. Echo 360 is a comprehensive tool that allows you to upload a presentation, record lecture capture video, and poll students with a built in student response system. The Faculty Innovation Center is sponsoring an ECHO 360 workshop for faculty on Tuesday, Sept 22 at 10:30 am – 11:30 am in M201a. In this one hour session, faculty support liaison Mernathan Sykes will demonstrate how Echo 360 can be used to:

  • Provide interactive learning activities
  • Plan for online quizzing and direct student feedback
  • Engage students with multimedia content using the lecture capture
  • Review student activity using data analysis features

Seating is limited. Please respond (RSVP) by September 17th to reserve your seat by using our Echo 360 Workshop Sign-Up Form.

For additional information about the session and pilot, please see the workshop flyer.

Demonstration of Echo 360 - Animated Gif

Now Piloting – Echo 360 Active Learning Platform

MATC has begun a 1 year pilot of the Echo 360 Active Learning Platform, a tool for making instruction more efficient and student learning experiences more effective. Echo 360 is a comprehensive tool that allows you to upload a presentation, record lecture capture video, and poll students with a built in student response system. When students view your presentations, they make take their own notes, mark confusing content, and ask questions all within one convenient location.

How to Join the Pilot

If you are interested in participating in the pilot, please use our Echo 360 Request Form and associate of the Teaching and Learning Technology department will arrange for you to have an account. In the form, please indicate what courses you would like to use with Echo 360.

Where to Learn How to Use Echo 360

Once you are given an Echo 360 account and course shell, you will be enrolled in our Echo 360 pilot training site in Blackboard. We strongly recommend reviewing the site’s comprehensive training webinars and tutorials before getting started. Additional information is provided at the Echo 360 Online Help website.

For simple questions about using Echo 360, please use our Echo 360 Request Form

Where Students Learn to Use Echo 360

Once you have paired an Echo 360 section with a course in Blackboard, students simply click the link that you provide to them to access Echo 360. For additional information, please see the student guide to using Echo 360.

Students may also view the helpful tutorials and videos at the Student Echo 360 Support website.

Instructor and Student Technical Support

Please contact Echo 360 directly at  or call 1-703-667-7500, ext. 2


[WEBINAR] echo 360: Are your students zoned out?


Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 10 AM CST

A University of Ottawa professor reveals his secrets to getting 99% class participation and improving learning outcomes in the process.

Join Dr. Montpetit for this complimentary Webinar to hear his personal experience, research findings and tried and true teaching tips on:
  • How to make the most of student engagement systems and student devices.
  • Why increased student participation and engagement translates into student success.
  • How adding interactive questions to your digital presentations gives you real-time insight into student comprehension.
Who Should Attend: All Faculty especially those interested in using lecture capture software, and those that are interested in using technology to teach are highly encouraged to attend.



ROOMS ADDED – Echo 360 Active Learning Event Coming December 4th!


Come check out a great active learning tool that helps both faculty and students! Faculty are invited to attend any of the following drop-in sessions to learn how Echo 360 can create more effective and engaging learning experiences for students.

orange-ribbon Dates and Locations for All Campuses

December 4th, 2014
9:30 AM – Noon  (Faculty focused presentations)
1:00 – 3:30 PM (Student focused presentations)

  • Milwaukee Campus – Room S116
  • Mequon Campus – A202
  • Oak Creek Campus – A200E (9:30AM-Noon) and A201 (1:00-3:00PM)
  • West Allis Campus – 345

orange-ribbon See These Resources to Learn More

ECHO 360: Flipping the Classroom Without Flopping Webinar

Join the Webinar

A complimentary webinar event sponsored by Echo360.

Thursday, 8 May at 10 AM CST in M201A Downtown Campus

Dr. Russell Mumper, Vice Dean of the UNC at Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy, shares the many ways using Echo360 to flip the classroom has changed his teaching approach and positively impacted the classroom dynamic.

Join us for this complimentary webinar and hear how Dr. Mumper conducted his three-year study on the flipped classroom. Learn:

  • Why Dr. Mumper chose flipping the classroom to make the most of class time and foster interaction
  • How the technology was selected to support the study
  • What changes were made to the course, and how the students responded
  • How flipping the class increased engagement, flipped their perception of how they learned, and increased exam scores by 5%
  • Lessons learned that will help other instructors interested in flipping their class

Talk amongst yourselves – Twitter users use #flippedclass to post your thoughts during the live event!

Click here to RSVP!

 Russell Mumper, PhD (link to bio)
Distinguished Professor, UNC/NCSU Joint Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Vice Dean, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy @RJMumper