New Course Offering by ER&D

ZERD 106-200:  Integrate Reading Strategies

1 credit = 40 FQAS hours 
Blended Classroom Format
Milwaukee Campus

Instructor:  Dr. Meredith Reeves





MIMB – Main Building M512 Related Instruction Friday 08:00AM – 11:55AM 02/02/2018 – 02/02/2018
MIMB – Main Building M512 Related Instruction Friday 08:00AM – 11:55AM 02/16/2018 – 02/16/2018
MIMB – Main Building M512 Related Instruction Friday 08:00AM – 11:55AM 02/23/2018 – 02/23/2018
MIMB – Main Building M512 Related Instruction Friday 01:00PM – 04:55PM 02/23/2018 – 02/23/2018
This course provides instructors with strategies and best practices to enhance Zerd 106 imagestudents’ study skills and expand students’ reading skills including comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary skills. Instructors will revise their current curriculum to facilitate students’ application of reading skills to academic tasks as they read to acquire and retain content-based information.

SU2018 End of Semester Course Evaluation

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Please urge your students to complete a course evaluation for your course. Students have received an email with a link to the evaluation, and they have a “Take Survey button” on the homepage of the Blackboard site for your course. The evaluations remain open until midnight on July 31.

Milwaukee Area Technical College


ER&D Spring 2017 Technology Tool Shop

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ZERD 094: Technology Tool Shop I (1c)

The college has an incredible inventory of innovative technologies to enhance teaching and learning, but it is difficult for faculty to find the time to explore these technologies and implement into a curriculum. This workshop helps bridge that gap. Participants will design their own curriculum specific project using the technology of their choice. This will be accomplished with the assistance and guidance of “technology mentors”. Participants will also review pedagogical best practices for instruction with new technologies. This FQAS course can be completed for “renewal” credit.

ZERD 012: Technology Tool Shop II

This advanced technology course will scaffold from the concepts explored in Technology Tool Shop I.  Participants will continue to build upon their curriculum-specific project or choose a new project to explore, using the technology of their choice.  This will be accomplished with the assistance and guidance of “technology mentors”. Participants will also review pedagogical best practices for instruction with new technologies.





Face to Face Workshops

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

9 a.m – 2 p.m.

(w/ 45 min lunch)

S120 and various computer labs

Independent Work w/Technology Guide(s)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

various computer labs

Join Professionals Abroad in Guatemala this summer!

Guatemala (2015)

  • May 26 – June 9
  • Open to full and part-time faculty and staff
  • Earn three credits
    • Cultural Competence – 1 credit
    • Service Learning – 1 credit
    • Spanish Language Acquisition – 1 credit

Contact: Deb Hoem-Esparza or Barbara Surwillo

ER&D - Professionals Abroad Guatemala brochure_Page_1 ER&D - Professionals Abroad Guatemala brochure_Page_2

Professionals Abroad: Guatemala

Innovation Grant Application Opportunity

A message from Dr. Mohammad Dakwar:

You are invited to submit a proposal for an Innovation Grant through the Provost’s Office which will provide support to projects and activities that focus on innovation and student success.

Innovation grants are intended to encourage faculty and staff to be visionary, creative and innovative.  Our working definition of innovation is people creating value by implementing new ideas.  I encourage you to consider submitting your ideas to create value and transform lives through innovative education for the betterment of our students and community.

Application Deadline - October 28, 2016

Innovation Grant Application

MATC Merit Badge Clinic

Dear Faculty,
“Great opportunity!  Please see important message below and make every effort to participate in this unique program.” `Mohammad Dakwar, Ed.D. Provost

Please note the following changes:

Date has been changed to Saturday, November 12th - same date as Open House
All Merit Badge Clinics need to be offered at the Milwaukee Campus.

PLEASE SUBMIT INFORMATION by Tuesday, September 22nd

MATC is partnering with the The Boy Scouts of America, Three Harbors Council to provide a Merit Badge Clinic. All of the initial logistics are listed below. We are asking each school to identify 3 to 4 or more programs that align with the merit badges (see link below) that would highlight the programs in each school.. Not all of the requirements need to me met on the day of the clinic. Scouts may be required to have pre-requisites before the clinic or complete activities after the clinic. Please see the Gateway Tech link for more information below.

Please complete the form below for merit badges that your school can offer. Please feel free to contact me with any questions – Rich Busalacchi -

DATE CHANGE - Saturday, November 12 (this is the same day as out open house). Our thought is to maximize our resources and allow Scouts and Parents to participate in open house before the clinic.

-MATC’s program will be modeled after the Merit Badge Tech program at Gateway

-There are a total of 135 merit badges available — many align with MATC programs

-Scouts will be ages 12 – 18 (middle/high school)
-Each scout is charged an $8 fee for the program
-An MATC faculty and merit badge leader (assigned by Boy Scouts) will lead each session
-MATC will arrange for catering (granola bars/juice in the morning and boxed lunches)
-3-4 merit badge programs from each school program (CHANGE – as a result of aligning program with Open House – all clinics need to be held on the Milwaukee Campus).
-Idea is to showcase facilities and campus specific programs
-Parents are welcome to visit the merit badge sessions; transportation and lunch on their own.
-Registration will be open 10/19 – 11/12; once sessions are full, they are cut off (no wait list)

Tentative Agenda for the Day

  • 7:30am Registration
  • 8:00am Opening session in Cooley
  • 8:30am Scouts attend Open House – participate in scavenger hunt and visit programs that are being offered as merit badge clinics
  • 9:15am Scouts meet merit badge leaders and instructors at assigned meeting point and are led to merit badge clinic
  • Noon – Break for lunch
  • 3:00pm Merit badge sessions wrap up;
  • 3:15 pm Scouts meet in Cooley for Closing Session
  • 3:30 pm Closing ceremonies in Cooley – Event Concludes

MATC Merit Badge Clinic Form*

*Log into your MATC Google Account to access form

ER&D’s 25th Anniversary

ER&D 25 Years anniversary image

Educational Research and Dissemination (ER&D) celebrates its 25th anniversary at MATC this year. The current ER&D team of Toshiba Adams, Michelle Felix, Patricia McFarland, and Kameal Love are proud to continue a tradition of success with faculty helping faculty through courses, workshops, shared resources, committee participation and consultations.

The ER&D model is based on current and credible research in teaching and learning. Patricia McFarland is one of the founding members of ER&D and has been actively involved in a variety of positions. She explains that in 1990, Local 212 was not involved in any professional development. Local President Ernie Schnook heard about the national American Federation of Teachers’ faculty development program and asked Local 212’s Executive Board if anyone was interested in research on teaching.

From those who were interested, including McFarland, MATC developed its local ER&D program. Emma Palmer, a now-retired faculty member, led the efforts to develop two of the national ER&D’s courses for implementation at MATC: Foundations I and II.


By about 1995, ER&D was adding new courses based on needs and current research on teaching and learning. When MATC created the Faculty Innovation Center on the Downtown Milwaukee Campus in Room M201, and ER&D moved there from its small space in Foundation Hall, the college established a central location for ER&D and its services to the faculty.

Come on out and celebrate 25 years of ER&D!

Date & Time Location HOst
Weds. April 20th, 1:30 PM Milwaukee Campus, 6th Street Cafe ER&D

Quick Start Guide for New Hires

Gettigetting-startedng Started

Newly hired faculty may review the self-paced lessons provided here for a rudimentary orientation to using Blackboard to provide their syllabi and course content to students. Please be advised that the lessons provided here are NOT a substitute for completing the three (3) Blackboard training courses

To get started, Blackboard Quick Start Training for New Hires.

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