Blackboard Spring Cleaning – Archive SP2014 Courses Before End of March!

  shamrock-vector Blackboard courses from last spring
will be deleted on April 3rd! shamrock-vector

Download Your Course Files

Did you use Blackboard to teach in Spring of 2014? Be sure to download your SP2014 courses and Grade Center files before they are permanently deleted from Blackboard on Friday April 3rd at 8AM (CST).

Follow these instructions so that you have a copy of your course materials and grade center information for your future use:

 shamrock-vectorshamrock-vectorshamrock-vectorBEST PRACTICE FOR SAVING COURSES shamrock-vectorshamrock-vectorshamrock-vector

If you do not have a “master copy” of your course permanently stored on the Blackboard system,  please complete the Personal Master request form and import your archived course file into it for future use and revision.


Due to the changes in username formats, servers, and service packs that have happened since June of 2013,  requests for old course archives may be time-consuming and restorations may be unsuccessful. Downloading an archive of your courses and grade centers NOW ensures that you will have easy access to them LATER!

Upcoming Blackboard Workshops


All faculty are invited to attend any of the following workshops to learn how to use Blackboard tools to make instruction more efficient and student learning experiences more effective. No registration is required, simply attend the sessions of your choice.

Ask the Trainer

Come to this open session to get your questions about Blackboard or Google Apps answered.

Date & Time Location Leader
Thurs. March 12th, 2:00 – 3:00 PM Oak Creek Campus, Room A124 Doni Bartley

Inline Grading in Blackboard: Crocodoc!

Come learn about the new inline grading tool in Blackboard called Crocodoc. This tool allows you to preview, annotate, and grade files that your students submit to you through Blackboard Assignments.

Date & Time Location Leader
Wed. March 25th, 2:00 – 4:00 PM West Allis Campus, Room 350 Erin Dischler
Thurs. April 23rd, 2:00 – 3:00 PM Oak Creek Campus, Room A124 Doni Bartley

Grade Center Management

Faculty provide grade feedback to students throughout the semester by using a Blackboard course’s Grade Center. In this workshop, faculty will review the basic features and settings of a course’s Grade Center, best practices for Grade Center management,  and how to provide timely grade feedback to students.

Date & Time Location Leader
Thurs. May 7th, 11:00 AM – 1:15 PM West Allis Campus, Room 350 Erin Dischler

Textbook Deadlines

The deadlines for Textbooks each Summer and Fall  semesters are as follows:

  • March 1st     Textbook update forms for the Summer and Fall semesters are due to                        the Curriculum Department.
  • March 8th      The On-line textbook adoption system will be available for adopting                              books for Summer  and Fall.
  • March 27th    The On-line textbook adoption system will be closed.

Textbook forms and adoption process click here!