Career Essentials Assessment Process

The Higher Learning Commission requires that we assess student attainment of the college’s Career Essential core abilities. Every program student at MATC needs soft skills evaluation through a process facilitated through Blackboard.

Using Blackboard to Assess Career Essentials

Faculty assess student attainment of  a Career Essentials competency within a course in Blackboard through a three (3) step process. Each course that faculty teach must include (1) Career Essential related to skill mastery within the course. To learn how to perform this process, review the video playlist and linked tutorials.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Perform this Process?

Faculty perform the course-level Career Essentials assessment towards the end of a course. This ensures that only the student’s most mature work is assessed to determine the mastery of the Career Essential.

How Often Do I Perform this Process?

Faculty perform one (1) course-level Career Essentials assessment in each course that they teach.

How Can I Make this Process More Efficient?

We recommend performing Step 1 when developing a course’s content in a Personal Master or Department Master. This one time setup will allow you to easily archive and import the course’s materials, including the Career Essential assessment, into a new course.

Where Can I Learn More about Career Essentials?

See the MATC Portal’s WIDS Career Essentials page. If you have additional questions about Career Essentials, contact the Curriculum Department at

Where  Can I Learn More about Using Blackboard?

MATC’s Faculty Support Liaisons are your first point of contact for Blackboard how-to questions and assistance. See their schedule for their availability to consult one-on-one. Additionally, the Blackboard Faculty Support site contains a wealth of helpful step-by-step tutorials to support completing instructional tasks in Blackboard.

For in-depth training, we recommend that faculty complete Professional Development’s free 1-credit Blackboard training courses. Watch for email announcements from Professional Development to learn more.