Course Outcome Summaries

The Course Outcome Summary (COS) is the official document specifying the title, course credits, hours, description, units of instruction, expected student competencies, and performance standards for your course.

The COS is developed using WIDS (Worldwide Instructional Design System – Web-based software). The software combines the development of both programs and courses with the ability to plan outcomes assessment (Technical Skill Attainment (TSA) and Course Outcome Summary (COS) all under a single application.

A Course Outcome Summary will be developed for all new courses.  For existing courses, the COS will be updated for renewal every three years by the department.  Course content is approved by the department and reviewed by the occupational program advisory committees every three years. Procedure EE0121 – can be found at:

For help on writing objectives, competencies and assessment ideas take a look at the Blooms Taxonomy wheel.

For WIDS information, call the Curricullum Department at extension 76240 (LeeAnn Mikula), or visit the WIDS website at:

To develop or revise a Course Outcome Summary please contact the Curriculum Department at

WIDS Demonstration Sessions – The demonstration is a showcase for the web-based WIDS software. Covered in the session will be common terms, roles and statuses, course outcome summary (COS) creation/modification process, approval process, and a tour of the software itself. Click here for a recording of a WIDS Demonstration Session.

Drop-In Session – Hands-on session designed for individualized question and answer time on specific issues encountered while working with course outcome summaries.

  • No Scheduled Drop In Sessions for the Summer
  • One on one sessions will be available upon request. Email