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MATC offers numerous courses, programs, and training opportunities designed to meet the needs of the Milwaukee area community.

  • Associate in Arts (AA) program – The curriculum typically includes more history, humanities, and social and behavior science courses than the corresponding Associate in Science degree.
  • Associate in Science (AS) program – The curriculum typically includes more mathematics and science courses than the corresponding Associate in Arts degree in the liberal arts.
  • AA/AS Pre-Major Programs – The Curriculum follows the requirements of the AA or AS Programs. Additional courses relating to the pre-major concentration use program elective credits.
  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS) programs – a two-year, postsecondary program in an occupational area designated and approved by the WTCS Board and for which the course requirements are established by the WTCS Board.
  • Technical Diploma programs – a less than one-year, one-year, or two-year postsecondary program with a specific occupational objective in an area designated and approved by the WTCS Board.
  • Certificate programs and Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) programs – a set of courses taken from the program curriculum of an Already Approved Degree that taken together provides the learner with a set of industry recognized skills and ability.
  • Adult High School Diploma program – a comprehensive high school accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the accrediting arm of AdvancED, and certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Apprentice programs – are formal training agreements providing on the-job training and related classroom instruction.

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