Pear Deck Resources

Pear Deck is a tool that faculty can use to deliver engaging slide presentations containing interactive tools for formative assessment. With a Pear Deck lesson, you can: project to student devices and control slides; collect responses to a variety of slide questions; and review responses and provide feedback. A Pear Deck lesson can be used when delivering a presentation in a face-to-face course or can be set to Student-Paced Mode to allow online students to view the presentation on their own.

How Do I Request Access?

Through the Teaching and Learning Technology Department, faculty can have access to Pear Deck Premium to create unlimited presentations. Send an email to to request access to Pear Deck. You will receive an email response containing the link to access the tool using your MATC Google account. The tool is licensed for use with or accounts only.

How Long Does a Pear Deck Subscription Last?

Your Pear Deck subscription lasts one year and is renewed through the Teaching and Learning Technology Department.

How Do I Use Pear Deck?

See these resources.

New Feature – Flashcard Factory!

A new active learning feature called Flashcard Factory will is available in Pear Deck. In this activity, students are assigned a deck of flashcards and are expected to add drawings to each card to help explain a definition or concept. As instructor, you can review and accept the cards for clarity or understanding. You can export the accepted cards to Quizlet so that students can continue to test their memory and understanding of key terms using the flashcards they helped create.

Where Do I Get Support for Pear Deck?

For questions or technical assistance, review Pear Deck’s Knowledge Base or contact Pear Deck Technical Support directly by sending an email to