Student Outcome Assessments

Note:  If your Technical Diploma or Associate Degree is in the reporting phase of Technical Skills Attainment (TSA) you should be using those results as part of your Quality Review Process (QRP) For information on this process contact Assessment and Evaluation.

If you are not sure of your program’s TSA status, contact the Curriculum Department at Ext. 76468.

Student Outcome Assessment (SOA) is a quality process that is based on the continuous improvement philosophy — use data and information to assess progress and make improvements — that has been applied to the college’s programs and courses. This process is referred to as PTA 3 — Plan, Teach, Assess, Analyze, Adjust.

The plan and the process are based on the philosophy of continuous quality improvement. That means, student learning goals and objectives are established, the assessment tools to evaluate the attainment of these are identified and implemented, the data from these tools are evaluated, and adjustments for improvement are then determined. This process is done in three areas: Courses, Programs, and for the college’s Core Abilities.

This process is done on a yearly cycle, at the end of the spring semester and is reported on the SOA template.

The complete SOA Plan and your program SOA templates are located on the links to the right.