Using Blackboard’s SafeAssign for Plagiarism Detection in Assignments

As of January 2015, SafeAssign, Blackboard’s third-party plagiarism evaluation service, has been integrated with the standard Blackboard Assignment. It is no longer a separate type of content. When an instructor creates a regular Blackboard Assignment, the instructor has the option to enable SafeAssign’s Plagiarism Tools to automatically scan and compare the files that a student submits for originality.

Please note that SafeAssign does not offer conclusive proof of plagiarism; further investigation by the instructor is required. SafeAssign is best used to discourage plagiarism in student works and to create opportunities to help students identify how to properly attribute sources.

To learn more about creating Assignments that automatically assess for plagiarism, please review the following training videos and resources.

Creating an Assignment that Uses SafeAssign

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